Invisible Jesus


I long to know Him.  

I get the feeling the world thinks He’s not real.  They mock and they jeer… and what? Does He crush them right where they stand? No.

They live their sinful lives… “christian” and non-christian alike, and who is there to judge?  

Why should the church be so loud if Jesus is so silent?  Isn’t He silent?

This seems like a hard sell.  (for all the non-business people out there - it means a product or service that is nearly impossible to sell to anybody).  In fact when you look at it this way, its a very difficult reality to grasp.

Little Johnny sees his big brother ‘sinning’… he sees people on TV sinning… at the mall, in the parking lot, in his neighborhood, in his house, in his very own skin, ALL doing the same thing - yep, sinning.  But what is the big deal?

Little Johnny heard that bad things were… well, bad.  And good things good.  But, aside from a good yelling or a lick from his paps, what was the harm in doing bad?

Time goes by and Johnny not so little anymore.  He’s actually all grown up - physically at least.  Drugs, no.  Alcohol, yep.  Sex, who isn’t?  All the while he hears of the splendor of man… the great accomplishment & achievement of teachers, philosophers and scientists.  Humanism gets shoved down his throat.

What’s the point?

Where is this going?

Who cares anyway?  Isn’t that the point?  Isn’t that the question?  

The accusation against God is this - He doesn’t care, He doesn’t see, He won’t act and…

He’s not real.

Oh how my heart breaks over this.  Not enough, but I pray it would continue to disrupt my schedule and cause me to join His ache… His longing… that we would come to know Him.

There’s an entire world out there that is mistaking God’s silence for apathy… confusing His mercy and long-suffering for injustice, and seeing Him as a far-off-detached God.

Before Jesus showed up the same attitudes were present.

Before the flood showered down the same mocking ensued. 

Isn’t hindsight 20/20?

Isn’t it easier to simply wait till Jesus splits the sky… and then choose to believe? (won’t that work?)

My burden here is that the stakes are high.  People can’t afford hindsight in matters like this that are of eternal consequence.  WHEN STAKES ARE THIS HIGH - WHO WOULD DARE RISK THE DANGER OF GETTING LULLED TO SLEEP IN A CULTURE LIKE OURS… where the church and world alike are being fed intravenously food and drink meant to dull our senses, and ultimately cause us to sleep the sleep of death.

Woa there… hold up.  What’s all this death talk about?  High stakes - you need to simmer down.


Father, shake us now!!!!  Wake us up!!!  Give us true sobriety in our spirits and cause us to ache for truth in our inward parts!  Ohhh that there would be true witnesses of You in this earth - for this hour is unique… this hour is staged for the truly consecrated ones to arise. 

Will you be one of them?

Please pray that I would be.  I desperately know my own ability to stumble… to get drunk by the pleasures of this world.  Oh that it would not be so.

Join me brother and sister in praying that we would live for Christ… that we would stand in this very crucial hour… against all that is anti-Christ, while beckoning the One in heaven to establish His very kingdom here on earth.